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                      YDG-2000A, DN-208, YDI-2053A






                      Colorless to yellowish clear oily liquid

                      (light) yellow clear oily liquid

                      Claybank clear oily liquid

                      Active content (%)




                      PH value




                      Emulsion stability

                      15% water solution, 30°C×24h non-discoloring and non-layering

                      Package and transportation

                      200KGS/Drum Common chemical


                      YDG-2000A is suitable for a variety of POY-DTY polyester spinning and false-twist texturing process requirements; it has excellent cohesion and antistatic property. Emulsion has good wet-out property, to make oil attach to the wire quickly and evenly when applying oil; to improve the film strength, and has also enhanced its anti-burr; appropriate friction coefficient of F/F、F/M makes it good spinning performance; POY oil can be used to various post-processing of friction or apron-style drawing process.

                      DN-208 is applicable to multiple models and varieties of polyester high-speed spinning stretching one-step production process requirements. With excellent smoothness, cluster and heat resistance, the emulation has good penetrating performance; it has the advantages of strong process adaptability, less smoke, less coke, which can improve the working environment and reduce the wool yarn caused by tar and decapitated.

                      YDI-2053A is suitable for polyester filament yarn (DT silk) production process requirements, especially in special varieties (such as the large bright, shaped, cationic, etc.). It has advantages of excellent smoothness, cluster and antistatic properties; oil infiltration characteristics, and excellent film strength; technologically adaptable for a wide range variety.

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